Works and doesn't fall. Expensively.

Any computer systems after incident of some time work, to put it mildly, not how it would be desirable. The Main task of any head to reduce risks of a stop of business process to a minimum.

Why your business is engaged till now in support
and service of the computer park?

  • It isn't reflected in any way in its key results:
  • Quantity of clients and profit size;
  • It leads to additional financial charges of staff of experts;
  • You still don't have guarantees that at a given time your IT experts will cope with the arisen problem independently, and you shouldn't involve professionals from outside.
  • There are no offers on modernizations and increases in efficiency I – enterprise infrastructures

The listed minuses disturb to dynamical development, but all changes if to use remarkable service I – outsourcing and to give support of a computer infrastructure to reliable hands of professionals.

  • Transfer of function of support of information system to the external executor
    (Servers, workstations, the active network equipment)
  • Liberation of administrative resources for the decision of profile problems for the company.
  • Constant monitoring of requirements of the client (planned and emergency departures, telephone on-line consultations of experts, remote administration)
  • Solid command of the professionals, ready to solve technical problems of high degree of complexity
  • Complex protection of a local network and the business information of the company

You still doubt, what to your company is necessary I – OUTSOURCING?
Then call 220-85-62, and we will pick up the convenient tariff specially for your company.